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    Computerun Competition 2020!

    Online Competition Registration is Officially Open!

    Do you want to impress everybody with your skills? HIMSISFO and HIMTI BINUS University has joined hands to present you, Computerun 2020! There are 2 competitions that you can participate in Compete now in our

    ‘Mobile Application Development Competition’, tell the whole world your problem solving skills and develop an app in a unique way no one else can.

    • Date: 2 Nov – 18 Dec 2020

    • Participants: Group (3 People)

    • Registration Fee: Rp 300.000,-

    Has someone ever told you that the IT World is no fun and stiff? Shut them up by joining our ‘Business-IT Case Competition. You’ll gain priceless recognition and prestige in the business world as well.

    • Date: 2 Nov – 18 Dec 2020

    • Participants: Group (3 people)

    • Registration Fee: Rp 300.000,-
    Intrigued? Not only the experience, but you can get a total of millions rupiah! 💰
    Show us what you’re made of 👊🏼
    Registration Link:
    ———For further information about ComputerunLINE: @995bowexWebsite: computerun.idInstagram: @computerun

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