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    04 02 2015 Accounting StudentsIndonesia Accounting Fair 17 is the biggest and oldest accounting event in Indonesia. It will be held on March, 10th – 16th 2016 on Faculty of Economy University of Indonesia. The event are accounting and paper competition, seminar, mini seminar, training, bazaar, and expo. Why must you choose IAF 17? Because it has been conducted annually for 17 years, so that the committee has shown itself to be well-experienced in making the event successful. Besides, IAF17 will also offer  unique and attractive high-quality seminar, training, and competition.

    In this year, we raised a theme “The New Era of Reporting : Improving Corporate Performance through Integrated Reporting and XBRL”. That theme is really worth to be appointed nowadays. We want to expand participants’ knowledge about the current issues in reporting and the effort made to improve them, in this case, Integrated Reporting and XBRL in particular. We also want to increase the awareness of Integrated Reporting and XBRL in order to improve the accuracy of reports issued by companies, therefor allowing for better investment decisions. Last but not least, we hope that we can give additional value to all stakeholders of IAF17, including speakers, committee.

    Realizing how important the two big thing we discussed in IAF17’s theme, we really hope that you can join us and get much insightful things from the competition, seminar, and training. If you want to register your team and also get the updated information, just go to our website or follow our official line@ (@ibf5815p).

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    Contact person : Sara Claudia Sanjaya (085743750888) Jayanti Kania (08984039647)

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