Engcarnation 2021

    ENGCARNATION 2021 Presents..
    ✨ Take a Breath and Be Okay Again ✨
    For this year’s theme, ENGCARNATION talks about going through burnout and what we can do to feel okay again.
    This year, ENGCARNATION includes fun events, such as:
    1. 🖼️ Digital Arts 🖼️
    Submission Period: October 1-21, 2021
    Contact Person: Lala — syahlaifany (LINE), 087874162320 (WA)
    2. 🎭 Poetry Night 🎭
    Submission Period: October 2-19, 2021
    Contact Person: Anisa — anisamarselip (LINE), 082230472121 (WA)
    3. 🔊 Webinar: Hacks to Strike A Balanced Life Between School, Work, and Well-Being 🔊
    – Pratiwi Widyasari, M.Psi. (Lecturer & Psychologist at Klinik Terpadu, Faculty of Psychology UI)
    – Prilly G. Soetiman (Most Outstanding Student III of FIB UI 2021 and Co-founder of [Maleosan.ID](
    – Belinda Azzahra (Most Outstanding Student II of FEB UI 2021 and Commercial Intern at Philip Morris I International)
    Moderator: Nino Nafan Hudzaifi (Young Leaders for Indonesia National Wave 13 by McKinsey & Company)
    Date: October 2, 2021, 13.00 – 15.00 WIB at ZOOM Cloud Meetings
    Contact Person: Elsa — 087847565951 (WA)
    Register Here! [](
    ☁️ So come join us and heal with Engcarnation, just take a breath and be okay again ☁️
    Follow our social media for the latest information:
    ☁️ Instagram: @engcarnation_ui
    ☁️ Twitter: @engcarnation_ui
    ☁️ Official Line Account: @odv8660h
    Engcarnation 2021
    Take a Breath and Be Okay Again

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