Eco Paper

    Kristina Andita Pradani
    Plants is a living creature that so hard runaway from Global Warming’s effects, it’s because almost all place on earth has been controlled by humans it makes they can’t moving anywhere, in other side, plants are the fighter for increases number of carbon monoxide (CO) from the fuel energy from fossil that can’t be rejected yet by humans, how can we don’t care about plants while they are our fighter for Global Warming?

    The easiest way to make Global Warming disappear is plantings more trees in earth, but in all the world, the growth of the plants are frightened, because almost all soil has lost their fertility and so many trees has been cut off only for benefit of humans, for example: paper.

    Humans can’t be separated from using a paper, even in this modern world, we still need a paper, the problem is the materials of the paper are wood, it means, to get a paper, humans must cut down a tree, this thing make the situation of Global Warming getting worst every years.

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    But don’t worry, paper doesn’t always made only by a wood, now, there’s “eco paper” that wasn’t use wood anymore, it use animal feces, so humans will have no worry anymore to use a paper, and we can find the production of this paper in Taman Safari Cisarua, Bogor and Taman Safari Bali.

    The production of this paper is really easy, more efficient and has a low cost than making an usual paper, all this things make Taman Safari Cisarua and Taman Safari Bali interesting for making this paper, in a month, they can produce 1500 sheets of papers and it’s mean they save a hundred of tree.

    If all paper factory change their paper’s materials, we can save a thousand of trees and reduce heat on earth. []

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